‘A History of the Future in Music’: Mark Anthony


Mark Anthony’s second solo album, ‘A History of the Future in Music’ is out now. Growing up in London, Anthony has always had a deep interest and passion for music and football. In 2009, he formed a band, The Meds Collective with his childhood friends Paul Lee and Hi Breed; releasing their debut album, ‘Heartbreaks & Remedies’ which was followed up in 2013 by their E.P ‘Change’. After various UK live shows the band split in June 2014.

Anthony went on to embark on a solo career, releasing his debut solo effort, ‘Reckless Caution’. With other musical projects with various artists taking up much of his time, Mark waited until September of this year to release his follow-up album, ‘A History of the Future in Music.’

In terms of the musical genres on the album, Anthony effortlessly combines rap, electro pop, hip-hop, funk and soul into an album which flows beautifully from track to track. Written while on a trip around the Caribbean, the location is clearly reflected in the relaxed, chilled, summery flavour of the album. Lyrically, the album is a collection of observations, thoughts and feelings experienced during the trip. Unusually for most new releases, there is not a trace of the recent Covid-19 pandemic in sight which is incredibly refreshing and offers the listener a much-needed reprieve!

The first track on the album is ‘Monster’ – funky techno-pop vibes underpin Anthony’s laid back rapping style to create a perfect opener which certainly has one foot in the dance world. https://open.spotify.com/album/2R3WkjXPhir78Rjtop9NLp?highlight=spotify:track:41NQ2V65ewR93oZFPyt7nq

‘Funk’ opens with soulful female vocals before a monster beat kicks in; melodious keyboard adds another layer of sound before descending into a hypnotic trance interlude before returning back to the base, with its chilled yet rhythmic vibes and soulful rapping style.

‘It’s a Wonder’ explores the meaning of life and features a smooth synth sound with a subtle background beat reminiscent of a heart beating. The chorus reveals Anthony’s soulful voice, giving deeper meaning and earthly connotations, reflecting beautifully the lyrical complexities of the song.

‘Robots’ takes a humorous look at our tech obsession and how we as a society are now so controlled by our mobile phones! Harsh, industrial sounding beats evoke images of machinery as you are transported to a soulless place full of mindless robots.

In ‘Political Games’ funk and soul combine with urban beats to create a stunning stand-out track.

‘Stella’ wouldn’t sound of place any American Soul/R&B chart and is my personal favourite from the album as it showcases Anthony’s versatility of style and vocal range.

The full track list is as follows:



It’s a Wonder


What is Love?



Political Games


Runaway Train

Come on Now

Rap Hood

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