Awayday Radio will be holding a Weekend For Isla on the 12th/13th & 14th of February. We will be releasing more info soon on here and our social media including how you can get involved to help Isla get the treatment she so desperately needs. Below is an update from Isla’s family.


Due to Isla relapsing twice, we need to increase the target to £600,000. This is because Isla is currently having treatment in Barcelona for her 2nd relapse, then she will need treatment for 1st relapse and then the vaccine to follow, to hopefully prevent any further relapses.

We have already used around £200,000 for the treatment in Barcelona, we have had to move out here for 6 months while Isla undergoes antibody and chemo combination.  She is doing well, and we are extremely hopeful. This treatment is gruelling, but in Isla style, she is taking it all in her stride.

But we do need to ensure we have the funds raised for the 2 future treatments. My little girl is fighting with all she has, we are extremely proud of her, and with your help, we can save her.

So many people have already donated and helped with fundraisers already and we will be holding more events and trying to think of more ways to raise the money Isla needs but most importantly to make people aware of this horrible cancer that affects children but rarely picked up by professionals.

Please share the page far and wide and we thank you for your support it’s been completely overwhelming. XXXX