Apollo Junction release ‘All In’

‘All In’ is the second album from swaggering, electro rock outfit Apollo Junction. This eagerly anticipated follow up to their very well received debut album, ‘Mystery’ is released on Friday. I was lucky enough to get early access to the album and you won’t be surprised to hear it is an absolute corker! Taking everything that was good about the Britpop and dance arenas and adding their own unique twist, this album is going to take off into the stratosphere!

Kicking off with ‘Light Up The Sky’, the band’s second single release of 2021, fans will already be familiar with the bouncy guitar riffs and new pop sounds of the track. A wonderous mix of funk, metal and electro pop all blended seamlessly to create a modern-day classic.

‘Porcelain’ has a bit of a New Wave feel to begin with; the opening bars rich with the electro beat sound of synthesisers, then as Jamie’s vocals hit and the guitar riffs spring into life the vibe becomes heavier, a real stomper of a pop-rock track with a chorus catchier than a Manuel Neuer’s gloves!

‘Two Car Family’, the most recent single release is an absolutely anthemic glam-rock inspired banger of a tune. As infectious as it is thumpinly positive, this is an absolute masterclass in feel-good rock and roll music. You will want to dance and sing your heart out as the ridiculously catchy chorus kicks in.

‘Rooftops’ begins with gorgeously gentle swirling guitar and opens up into a glorious and impassioned mid-tempo rhythm backed by a strong skins and has a definite post-punk sound. A real stomper of a track, it is both rousing and lifting and really gets under your skin in the best possible way.

‘On The Ropes’ explodes into life with a definite dancy feel. Bursting with synthesizers, sentimental lyrics and bags of energy, this song really sums up Apollo Junction’s signature sound. The first release of the year for the band, this is a track already embedded in the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

‘When We Grow Up’ is a lesson in positivity and this theme runs throughout the song. You can’t help but smile as this song teaches to hold on and keep our spirits up.

Next up we have ‘Sometimes’ which starts slowly and builds into a real electric dance romper stomper – Williamson’s incredibly strong vocal performance matches the intensity of the beat in the most perfect of ways. Put simply, ‘Sometimes’ was made for the crowd-surfers and mosh pitters as while a pop song at heart, the undertones of Britpop are undeniable and just make you want to jump.

‘Unknowns’ immediately made me happy and got my toes tapping and my fingers clicking. Wonderfully and unashamedly fun, this is an absolute dance-floor filler with hidden depths courtesy of the strong lyrical content.

‘Borderlines’ perfectly recreates the sublime feel of 1990’s Britpop classics; heavy guitar with an infectiously rocky drumbeat and just a hint of the New Romantics, the track is set off beautifully with Jamie Williamson’s stunning vocals.

‘Forever’ is an absolute sing-along delight of a song with its upbeat vibe and pop-rock sound. Jangly indie guitar riffs reminiscent of the very best of Britpop, it shows the natural progression of the band and would sit proudly on any album of Oasis in their heyday.

‘Are You Happy?’ officially closes the album, and would sit beautifully on any playlist from Cast, Catfish and The Bottlemen et al. This is song-writing and musicianship at its absolute finest. The seemingly simple and straight-forward nature of this song is only made possible by the talent behind it – the multi layering of the production and the skills involved make this such an easy listener. It brightens your day, brims with positivity and is just a complete joy from start to finish. This is how Britpop should be and could be again if Apollo Junction have their way.

There is a very pleasant surprise at the end of the album, as in the best rock tradition, there is a hidden track and my goodness it’s an absolute gem. There is something quite magnificent about an indie track which openly embraces keys and brings them the fore. The chorus is absolutely divine and demands you put your lighter in the air and link arms with whoever happens to be next to you. This is a track that leaves you wanting more and is sure to become a firm favourite very quickly. Just as you think this album cannot get any better, ‘Our Goodbye’ comes along and blows that theory right out of the water. If you didn’t know any better you may think that this song was straight of

1960s Liverpool, and then right at the end the nod to psychedelia has me wondering if this in fact a mash-up of the best of The Beatles most brilliant phases – it really is that good!

‘All In’ Track List:

Light Up The Sky


Two Car Family


On The Ropes

When We Grow Up





Are You Happy?

‘All In’ is available to pre-order now here: https://www.shedloadrecords.co.uk/apollo-junctionstore