By Daffs (TwoDaff)

I have been following this band pretty much since their formation earlier this year. Fat Dads (none are fat and none are dads by the way) hail from Carlisle, the Wirral and Kirkcudbright. Influenced by the strokes, Sports Team and RATS they have a sound harking back to the garage/indie scene of the noughties, with their catchy indie infused tunes. Fat Dads are Tyee Wright (Vocals), Steven Dixon (Guitar), Mike Smith (Guitar), Alex Whittaker (Bass) and Andy Graham (Drums).

After their successful debut release ‘Trust and Promises’ back in June followed by their classic summertime tune. ‘Taking our Sweet Time’ the band have steadily built up a strong fan base through social media even tapping in to the Louis Tomlinson fandom. Both tracks have featured on numerous playlists and gained airplay on Radio1 and Radio X with John Kennedy in particular.

Now they are back with a third track ‘Filthy Animal’ released on 4th November, and yet again bringing with it the Fat Dads attitude, honesty, fun, and that DIY sensibility all combined to give you great music.

Previous tracks defined the summer, fun lyrics, singalong choruses fused with catchy melodies and a touch of humour. Filthy animal carries on in in the same vein, the opening riff instantly hooks, its more rock than roll, more rhythm than blues. Its another uplifting track, with a chorus that sticks in your head.

“Once its in your head it sticks”

Its energetic with great hookable riffs, and as the lyrics suggest “I’m having so much fun” you can tell. The vocal backed with a melodic bass line gives a 60’s vibe. The chorus will have you singing along all day, once its in your head it sticks.

“A melodic bass line gives a 60’s vibe”

As the song builds you found yourself singing and grooving along with it, you can’t help it, they have a knack of creating songs that have you up on your feet. The guitars hook you, reel you in and along with the bouncy bass line really drive it forward. And then we have the finale, a cool guitar solo, teasing and daring the vocal to go up a notch, and it does, this precedes a glorious ending, I get a real hint of The Who’s My Generation without the chaotic smashing of instruments.

“A cool guitar solo”

I have to say this is their best track to date, I cant believe its only their third track, In their own words “After great success with our first 2 singles, we thought we’re maybe actually a half decent band, so decided to record another single” I think its safe to say that they are more than half decent. Fat Dads produce great likeable songs, they don’t take themselves too seriously, yet they are serious in making great songs, they simply concentrate on what they are good at. Keep them coming lads!

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