Sean Buckley feat. Laura Jayne: Games

This beautifully haunting track is the upcoming latest release from Sean Buckley and features new artist, Laura Jayne. Due out on November 19th, this is a beautiful electro ballad with a great beat and fantastic vocals from Laura.

Sean Buckley focuses on electronica and was influenced from an early age by the introduction of hop hip to the UK as well as the Street Sounds catalogue of Electro albums. His main interest lay in the origin of the samples rather than the music itself, and by the age of 14 had developed a vary varied taste in music, listening to everything from Kraftwerk to classic music!

Laura Jayne is a singer/songwriter from the Northeast of England who is brand new to the music scene. From setting up a small playlist, to becoming a radio show presenter, people then began to realise just what a talented singer and musician Laura is in her own right. She is looking to showcase her own solo style very soon.

Keep on eye on Sean and Laura’s Twitter for further details:

Sean Buckley http://@mintball / Twitter

Laura Jayne  http://@LauraJayne3w1m / Twitter